In Brief

We’re a Romanian digital product development agency. We build websites and apps that solve business problems and make people’s lives easier. And this is our story.

Our mission and vision

We deliver digital services to build long lasting relationships with our clients, multinational companies looking to improve the value they deliver to their end customer. In this quest we are always looking to bring the right kind of people on board, recruiting, retaining & growing passion and competence alike.

We are always on top of the latest trends, bringing them in the service of our customers. We do this through our people that are eager to learn to grow and push the company to its next highest peak. We seek meaning behind our work and we are looking for clients with real challenges that we can solve and bring positive impact in the lives of millions.

How we hire

We take pride in our culture and hire based on our values: fairness, passion, team play, performance and accountability. We embrace the Agile and Lean Startup work philosophies in order to create value and meaning for our clients and for Grapefruit. Meet the Grapefruit Team. People advance in our team based on specific criteria set in Seniority Principles that are evaluated twice a year. The salary is personalised for your level and department and is fixed on each level. There’s no complicated negotiation. If you are on the same level as your colleague and in the same department you have the same salary. We also give a bonus for each year that you spend in Grapefruit.

Illustration with all Grapefruit team members

How we solve challenges for our clients

We analyse and understand your business and your clients needs and wants. We create custom solutions that mix marketing, business, technology and user experience know-how. We then measure and continuously improve and build on real data and not assumptions. On top of this we have six important principles that guide us in our daily work.

Principles for the way we work

Proactive communication – We are accessible and open. We discuss any idea, suggestion, issue or problem.
Get out of the comfort zone – Take smart and fast decisions so that you can progress in the right direction
More than expected- We focus on a few things we do the best, and always try to improve them.
A team of A-players – We expect everyone in our team to aim to be number one in their field.
Failure is not wrong if you learn from mistakes – Our mistakes are used as a learning tool, not as a form of wrong doing. We are always headed towards evolution.
People not positions – You are allocated as an expert in a project but your work as a team member in it.

Our services

We are a user experience and digital consulting agency. We don’t like to be a Jack of all Trades and that’s why our services are focused on strategy and digital.  On projects that include other services we play nice and work together with partners and other agencies to deliver results. Be believe that reaching the objectives is more important than personal EGOs and short term profits.


  • Digital audit & strategy;
  • Business model development;
  • Communications strategy & planning;
  • Business process modelling (e-commerce);
  • Project management & training.
  • Design

User Experience

  • Wireframing and prototyping;
  • User interface concept & design for websites and mobile applications;
  • Content strategy & information architecture;
  • Concept development for digital campaigns;
  • Character design, motion & animation;
  • Digital campaign development.


  • Technical audit;
  • Functional & technical specifications;
  • Front-end & back-end development;
  • Testing;
  • System administration & hosting.

Our history

‘The best reason to start an organization is to make meaning; to create a product or service to make the world a better place.’ (Guy Kawasaki).

Founded in 1999 by three ambitious medical school graduates—Marius Ursache, Laurian Gridinoc and Ștefan Liuțe—Grapefruit was a pioneer of branding & digital in Romania. Although today we focus on building digital products, we are still the most awarded Romanian agency, having received 23 international awards for branding and digital projects.

We are focusing on large clients, where our services bring visible ROI and try to maintain with them—successfully we may add as with some of them we’ve been working for more than 6 years—a long-term relationship.

We have 50+ full-time employees in two offices (Bucharest & Iași) and a reliable network of external resources (including former employees)—business & marketing consultants, software engineers (front-end, back-end), copywriters, audio/video production, SEO & social media, legal/financial/administrative support.

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