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WORK: Online platform for a complete car buying experience | Dacia | Automotive e-commerce

Automotive e-commerce platform for a complete car buying experience

As long-term partners with Dacia Renault, we were more than happy to build a digital bridge between the automotive company and their customers. The platform was a real challenge, due to the short time we had to work with, but we managed to deliver and surpass expectations.

WORK: Small, simple things can cause big smiles!

The successful campaign for NESCAFÉ Alegria worth 1 million smiles

This is the story of the successful “Good Thoughts” campaign in which NESCAFÉ Alegria connected emotionally with their fans by allowing them to send each other a wishful thought printed on the coffee cups. Read our story and find out how we generated more than 1 million smiles.


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WORK: Online booking for movie tickets done right

A Cinema City Mobile App Concept

As part of a learning challenge, I invested three months to revolutionize the online booking of cinema tickets and to solve different problems that users have in this process.



Pink Fridays

Pink Friday happens once a month! It’s a time of sharing knowledge and having fun. Dreamcatchers, Bootstrap secrets, drawing lesson presentations… it can be anything!

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