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WORK: The Noriel Pad interface

Designing a tablet interface for children

Noriel Pad is a children’s tablet with custom parental controls which was launched during last year’s winter Holidays (2015). So just imagine our joy when we heard that we’re going to design a digital product for kids and parents.

WORK: Designing for UX Bucharest 2015

Because Experience Matters

UX BUCHAREST 2015 Conference is organised entirely by volunteers from the UX Design community and is a non-profit initiative, with the only purpose of UX Education and awareness. For the first edition we got to get involved from the very beginning, refining its identity and website.


Business, Design and Technology

We believe great experiences are created through branding, content, functionality and usability… and we work hard to make it happen.

WORK: Designing and developing Mattca.ro

How we built an online pharmaceutical megastore

Mattca is a pharmaceutical e-commerce website that offers a very large array of categories and products. Unlike its competition, it offers the possibility to place special orders for products not available online and to buy special items created in its own laboratories.



Pink Fridays

Pink Friday happens once a month! It’s a time of sharing knowledge and having fun. Dreamcatchers, Bootstrap secrets, drawing lesson presentations… it can be anything!

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