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We create exceptional digital user experiences that solve business problems and make people’s lives easier.

WORK: Small, simple things can cause big smiles!

The successful campaign for NESCAFÉ Alegria worth 1 million smiles

This is the story of the successful “Good Thoughts” campaign in which NESCAFÉ Alegria connected emotionally with their fans by allowing them to send each other a wishful thought printed on the coffee cups. Read our story and find out how we generated more than 1 million smiles.

WORK: Online booking for movie tickets done right

A Cinema City Mobile App Concept

As part of a learning challenge, I invested three months to revolutionize the online booking of cinema tickets and to solve different problems that users have in this process.


Business, Design and Technology

We believe great experiences are created through branding, content, functionality and usability… and we work hard to make it happen.

WORK: Three months, 15 people, over 2000 pages, +20% traffic

The story behind the new Renault.ro

10.000 excel lines and many documents filtered, dozens of sessions, nearly 300 tasks solved and a product that we are proud of: the new renault.ro.



Pink Fridays

Pink Friday happens once a month! It’s a time of sharing knowledge and having fun. Dreamcatchers, Bootstrap secrets, drawing lesson presentations… it can be anything!

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