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A pure website for a pure water

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In 2012, Aqua Carpatica water brand turned to us for the concept and development of their website. Not only did it have to blend in with the company’s philosophy, values and visual style, but it also had to work as a tool for educating the general public with regard to health and choice of the right water for day-to-day consumption

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the purest of them all?

The answer is obvious – Aqua Carpatica water, the only nitrates-free mineral water in the world and the only water with the lowest quantity of nitrates from Romania (0.8 mg/l). In a market divided between well established players, Aqua Carpatica reached its most spectacular sales evolution in 2010, a few months after its release on the market.

Although a premium visually stunning brand – the shape of the bottle is a major point of difference for the company – Aqua Carpatica is sold as mass-market product, aspect reflected in its price and distribution channels (in retail and also in HoReCa).

Website Design  Aqua Carpatica Product Page
From the very beginning we knew that the product will become the main focal point of the site.

But the outside is not the only interesting part in Aqua Carpatica branding universe – the absolute purity of its water is a central message in the company communication strategy. This is sustained by continuous education efforts for the end-consumer, regarding the need to have a healthy lifestyle and and regarding water consumption choices.

A fluid web experience to educate youngsters and general public

Aqua Carpatica wanted to be a cool, innovative and trendy brand on the market of bottled water. The website’s objectives were to rise awareness and affinity for the brand among youngsters (young professionals and, secondary, teenagers) and to educate the public about aspects concerning health and how this is determined by the quality of the bottled water we choose (example: what nitrates and nitrites mean, what is the role of mineral water in balancing the energetic resources of the body, how the lack of sodium impacts the organism and so on).

Website Design  Aqua Carpatica Intro Page
Water was our source of inspiration. The motion of the water and its colors inspired us to create a minimalistic site and a fluid user experience.

For the graphic feeling they envisioned something minimalistic, in continuous motion, with a transparent and fluid feeling. The colours should evoke the purity of the water and the navigation should be interactive and ergonomic.

Website design with the product in mind

Instead of creating fancy visuals and abstract shapes, we decided to use the main product as the leitmotif of Aqua Carpatica site. This way the visual concept became an extension of the brand’s values and characteristics – purity, quality and healthiness.

The ephemeral shapes that the water creates, beautiful rounded droplets and splashes, together with serene landscapes became the main building blocks of the site. Simple lines and short paragraphs kept everything minimal and clean.

Website Design Aqua Carpatica Main Navigation
Droplets and simple lines were combined to create the main navigation of the site.

Several chromatic pallets were tested in the website design process. We wanted to set a general mood for the user without stealing the main focus from the product. After much thought and tests we decided that a pallet comprising of white, black and grey was the best choice.

Website Design  Aqua Design Iterations
We tried several website design possibilities before deciding on the perfect solution.

Visual elements from the Aqua Carpatica bottles were inserted throughout the whole site, in order to create a visual bridge between the website and the product, that the consumer buys and is accustomed with.

Beauty is in the details

Creating a minimalistic site is a challenge for any Digital Design Company. You have to balance the amount of content and visual information that you insert in the general design. You have to keep the user focused on the main content but at the same time you have to convey a feeling and an idea. This is where tiny details become the most important asset of your design.

Website Design Aqua Carpatica Article
Smart copy was the key for this site. Small bits of information that are easily digested were spread through all the site.

Subtle details like the moving wave that separates the navigation and content, the discrete pattern at the border of the navigation, the water droplets in the navigation and the beautiful serene background bring added value to the navigation experience and keep the spotlight on what counts – the product.

Website Design  Aqua Carpatica Menu
We used elements from the bottle on the bottom navigation area. Details like this make the connection between the website and the product that the consumer knows and appreciates.

In the end we can say that ‘’The “how it looks, feels and works” part brought us to this project in the first place – the understanding of the brand’s personality and the adaptation to the client’s needs were the things that kept us going. The rest is a website like a journey through Aqua Carpatica universe, information and history. Explore it yourself on –

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