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The new was launched and with it came the news: Deustche Telekom will enter the market and and will join forces under Telekom brand. So, here we were again, taking responsibility for the new

Telekom Homepage UX Design
The new


Due to the tight deadlines we had to achieve this challenge in four months and make it to September 2014’s big launch. So we started with a new team, new stakeholders and brand workshop to get accommodated with the latest direction.

The new team proved to be highly prepared and we managed to motivate each other in order to achieve the desirable results. It was a relationship of respect, trust and commitment: even when we laughed or contradict or pressed by time, we pushed ourselves forward.


Telekom E-commerce UX Design
All pages were redesigned.


After organizing and prioritizing the tasks we went to work. We started applying Deutsche Telekom brand on the current to see which parts stay and which will be completely redesigned.

We managed to find the perfect balance between the brand guidelines, company strategic objectives and customers needs and these were transported in designs which were passed to approval to Telekom’s internal stakeholders.


Telekom Package Page UX Design
New pages and designs were created.


After the direction was set, we continued to work collaboratively.. The obvious changes were implemented directly in HTML. Here, we had a great advantage because of how we worked on and so we gained extra time. For the new layouts we created high-fidelity mockups from scratch, directly in HTML and CSS. Time was the essence and we turned to detailed techniques (such as sketching and prototyping) only for complex scenarios (configurators, online interactive tools or special content).


Telekom Reincarcare Telefon UX Design
The online tools were kept consistent.


To make our life easier we adapted the (by that time) current version of Bootstrap to the version 3.0 and checked the responsiveness. Again we tested out on multiple devices and used Skitch and Evernote to communicate the reviews among Telekom team and us.


The responsiveness remained a key differentiator.


Overall working for this project kept us busy all the time. We’ve worked overtime and even in the weekends when needed in order to solve the design challenges we’ve met along the way. We were committed and motivated to do a great job and deliver on time.


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  • Project duration: 4 months