Vlad Lupu

Back-End Developer

Vlad’s first interaction with technology was at an early age when his big brother bought the first computer.
This was his trigger for a new passion, and this passion has evolved during the years with a thirst for knowing more about technology.

His interaction with technology had many different layers: playing video games, building his own computer, and even doing some baby steps into the programming world. As years have passed, he realized this might be an opportunity for a striving career, so he decided to enroll in the Faculty of Computer Science in Iasi.

After graduating he started an internship program at Grapefruit, now he is one of our Back-End developers with a huge aspiration to master PHP with Laravel. His sight isn’t only on the back-end technologies, as Vlad strives to develop on a side-way level becoming a good communicator and a great team player. Nevertheless, Vlad wants to work on self-awareness and personal development.

While not coding, Vlad is bringing a few passions into the matrix; Gastronomy won his heart, which started a few years back while having cooking nights with the entire family. When he is not coding or cooking, Vlad loves to spend some quality time outside the city, carving the snow on a busy slope, and of course, he will wrap up the day with a great movie or an online gaming session.