Victor Iatan

QA Tester

A QA tester with a passion for quality and finding even the smallest flaws on software or web based applications, Victor has intrerests in domanins that are very different form one another. He started as a psychologist for a kindergarten and afterwards moved to offer his psychology expertise to a mental institute. He later made a shift in his career and moved into the IT field.

Victor is a QA tester with a 4 years background in software and hardware testing. He gratuated the Clinical psychology and spent 4 years as a psychologist at a kindergarten and in a mental institute. With time he discovered a second passion and changed his career plans working as a QA tester for Digital Dentistry.

He always embraces new ways of thinking and working in order to come up with the best solutions for his team and the client. Victor is very passionate about technology and he will spare no opportunity to learn about the best programs that can help him upgrade his QA skills . Automation is his next goal and he wants to excel in this domain.

In his spare time he has some small contracts doing product design for different Start-ups with the help of 3d modelling softwares. When it comes to hobbies, Victor is always ready for some fishing and nature related activities in general.