Tudor Vrabie

Back-End Developer

Tudor has dreamt of being a dentist, but later on, he discovered software development and it was love at first sight. So he gave up scrubs and gloves for cozy blue jeans, headphones, and screen protection glasses.

While in his 2nd year as a student at the Faculty of Computer Science in Iasi, Tudor started his programming career as an intern. The whole new world opened before his eyes fascinated him. He was utterly amazed by the magic he could do with only a keyboard and the right knowledge, and he became eager to learn more and more.

As time passed by, Tudor graduated from college and is now currently looking to take on bigger challenges.

His current technology stack is back-end oriented (PHP, Laravel, NodeJs) but on the longer term, he is looking forward to growing into a full-stack developer.

Tudor truly believes that “Sky’s the limit” and thinks that water is essential to survival only because it’s a coffee ingredient.

Tudor is always people-oriented and a great team player. When he’s not coding, he likes to watch movies or to hang out with his friends.