Simona Monica Antici

Content Editor

Simona, always with a smile on her face and full of enthusiasm, will surely infect you with her colorful laugh. With her feet on the ground and her head in the clouds most of the time, she aims at the highest peaks to accomplish everything she sets out to do and something more.

Guided by passion, creativity, and motivation, she chose the Applied Communication and Public Relations field at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, being convinced there is the place where she is meant to be. Her student years confirmed this and imprinted, even more, the desire to develop in this area. In parallel, she worked as a copywriter and didn’t miss any opportunity to put her skills into practice and accumulate new ones.

Because she likes to help others and be surrounded by beautiful people, since she was little, she was a volunteer in various associations and projects and will always gladly embrace a new opportunity of this kind.

Out of a desire to experiment, to meet new people and cultures, Simona lived a couple of months in a pretty little town in Northern Ireland, from where she returned with fresh strengths, creative ideas, and a big love for green color.

She loves challenges, traveling, sunsets, hugs, and personal development books. She wants to be every day her best version and “leave the world a little bit better than she found it.