Simona Crăciun

UI/Graphic Designer

From an early age, Simona amazed those around her with her drawing skills. Her love for details and beauty determined her to attend an art college and university, where she could experiment in several fields. She participated in many art exhibitions and competitions, and each appreciation and competition she won made her want more. From graphics, painting, sculpture, and fashion, she did it all; and still believes that life is a continuous process of learning and discovery.

After many years of working in a corporate company, Simona felt it was time to make a return to her first love: art and design. Simona is part of the Design team and juggles with Graphic, Illustration, and UI Design. She is a hardworking person and her enthusiasm is present on every project. She understood that in order to grow, you must always learn and adapt.

Like most artists, Simona is a bit of an introvert who expresses herself more by showing rather than talking but is always willing to step out of her comfort zone when needed. In her free time, she hunts dinosaurs with her boy, a future paleontologist.