Răzvan Olariu

Digital Strategist

Razvan’s eye is trained to spot and optimize the digital channels businesses may use to increase online engagement and sales. If you don’t know him, you’ve got to meet the guy. Always positive, always dancing, always ready for the next challenge. His sources of energy are limitless.

He goes deep into understanding the experiences customers have and digs into numbers to take the best conversion optimization decision. He regards learning as a continuous act and considers this mindset to be mandatory for professional success. He gave up a career in climatology in Denmark in order start from 0 in the IT industry.

Before Grapefruit, he worked with agencies from England and Australia but only on the development and the web design side as a Junior Project Manager. He always wanted to be a marketer, and did everything was possible to get a position at Grapefruit.

He truly believes in the power of networks and communities and doesn’t miss a chance to meet new groups of people and accomplish things together.

He has graduated the Faculty of Geography, so no wonder he is a passionate traveler. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time bare-foot in the grass, organizing outdoors events or running with his dog, Django. With the right music on his earphones, he can run up to 25 kilometers with no problem.

Music is his second nature. He is addicted to wind instruments, having his own collection of flutes. His music tastes are rather exotic, going crazy when listening to some good afrobeat or ethiopian jazz.

He cooks delicious vegetarian dishes, although he would never admit how talented he is at that.