Paul Cojan

Back-End Developer

His love for web development started at an early age when he attended his first HTML course, in secondary school. He then continued to explore his curiosity at the Computer Science Faculty in Iasi. Now he is passionate about Back-End development focusing on PHP and Laravel.

He also likes to explore Front-End technologies. That’s why, when he has some spare time, he tinkers with front and back technologies to make interesting browser games.

Paul is such a friendly presence that he reminds you of the best friends you had in childhood that you spent all summers playing outside with. He is a bit foodie, but who in Grapefruit isn’t?

He recently asked his fiancee to become his wife during a theater play where most of us were in public and have a little weep.

He likes to explore new frameworks and programming techniques. He is happy when, by using lines of codes, he makes things move. When he is not coding you can usually find him reading about SEO techniques or playing games. He also likes fishing so in the weekend you might stumble upon him at a lake, relaxing and watching the lure for signs of fish.