Mirela Murariu

Digital Project Manager

With a self-critical spirit and a heart of wisdom, Mirela feels life is the journey of discovering her inner self. In the meantime, her favorite leisure pursuit is enjoying those little moments like sipping coffee while reading a book on a weekend morning or lying in the sun, or why not both. During college, she followed her passion and took International Relations and European Studies, completing her studies with a thesis in political security which compares the dynamics of power and security in the international modern context, thus her interest in politics.


During college, she started work in a small advertising company but given that she wanted to explore other passions as well, a turnover made sense. This is when, seizing the opportunity, Mirela decided to put her knowledge of foreign languages to use.

Always keen on acquiring more information and enthusiastic about new technologies, she managed to combine them with her passion for foreign languages while working in tech support and QA fields.

Mirela has a strong customer ethos and analytical skills that make her think every problem has a solution. Given she enjoys challenges, it came naturally to accept a new opportunity at Grapefruit where she could explore the field of testing.

Mirela looks at the world around her with optimism and enjoys traveling and discovering new places and people. She smiles a lot, so don’t be shy to say hi.