Marina Topcian

Account Manager

So emphatic that all buyer-personas walk her home after work. They live together, they eat together, they go shopping together until the best strategy and tactics are ready to face the client’s satisfaction and his urgent needs.

Marina used to build digital strategies for our clients and she loved it. After a year, she sold herself to Project Management and she has absolutely no regrets.

She still likes to write and build strategies for the “weirdos” (huge fan of Seth Godin and his Purple Cow). And she describes creativity as something someone’s capable of when that someone can bring two different things in the same context and be amazed at how they totally make sense together. This whole thing, combined with trust, seriosity, profesionalism and a little bit of OCD, leads to long time relationships and great project management skills.

Fascinated by branding, creative writing, negociations, and the genuine mind of every person and customer, Marina has a degree from the Faculty of Philosophy, Communication and PR section and a master’s degree in Advertising and PR. BG (Before Grapefruit) she used to do content marketing for tech startups, PR for lovely projects and create strategies for new born brands.

Huge fan of Woodstock festival, Cuban music (thank God for Buena Vista Social Club), Spanish and French old songs, jazz and blues singers and we’re going to stop here because it may take a while, Marina accepted the fact that she was born in the wrong generation.
She has a pick-up and she collects vinyl records.
Birthday: 11 December. Wink-wink!

She’s crazy about meeting new people on the road. That’s why hitchhiking from Bologna to Paris for 18 days has been the most amazing thing she’s ever done. Sleeping in tents? Not a problem. Sleeping in a bed after almost 3 weeks of sleeping in tents? A real big one.