Mara Lature

Account Manager

Mara has a passion for understanding the human condition and emotional triggers in decision-making processes. She also enjoys a geeky rush given by all things analytics and insights from data, to ultimately unlock success for clients and unique digital experiences for their customers.

Mara’s career spans over nearly 15 years and covers both offline and online projects. Mara has a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Economy (where she specialized in Marketing) and a postgraduate degree in PR and Communication, both from UAIC Iasi.

Following her graduation, she worked in Marketing and PR for several companies in Romania.

Since focusing exclusively on digital a decade ago, Mara has delivered consistently exceptional results for the companies she worked with, both client-side and within agencies in London.

In 2016, Mara was one in 50 shortlisted across the UK – selected from thousands of submissions – for Google’s Women in Search Awards initiative, in partnership with the prestigious The Drum magazine.

Whilst the clients she worked with were wildly diverse: from tech giants (the likes of Google and Nokia), UK Gov departments, to SMBs, the thread that joins the dots is a deep fascination with innovative tech and its potential to improve people’s lives.

3 quirky facts about Mara:

  • In her family of 4, they share only 2 birthdays: she and her husband one, and their daughters another. Not premeditated. Just practical;
  • Whilst living in the UK, most people thought she was either French or South African, so intros were mostly Bonjour or Hallo;
  • Mara is trained as an NLP Professional, following her interest in psychology, behavioral economics and a better understanding of human nature.