Mădălina Mocanu

Content Marketer

When you say Mădălina, it rhymes with booklover and photography enthusiast. She feeds herself with good music and interesting visual metaphors that always trigger creativity or make her think of a story. After a long journey among words and writing, she found her place in the amazing content team at Grapefruit.

After graduating from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University Iasi, where she got her diplomas in PR and advertising, Mădălina enrolled in a Ph.D. programme in visual rhetorics, setting herself on a long beautiful journey. Now, her life revolves around stories, visuals, movies, music, traveling, and art.

She loves everything that is uncommon and triggers creativity. Mădălina is constantly looking for innovative ideas – the road less traveled, as they would say. Every project is a challenge to create something new and she is ready to change some things around customers, communities, and businesses.

Mădălina used her free time during studies to enroll in challenging internships, learn foreign languages, and read a lot about everything. She especially loves Norwegian, good music, Japanese writers, and catchy movies. Her favorite director is Joachim Trier.

While being an intern, Mădălina was involved in organizing events at the University. If you remember the 1st edition of Welcome to UAIC Event, yes, she was one of those behind the courtain. Or The Researchers` Night, she was there too. Mădălina got involved in social media strategy, content writing, and news writing. Furthermore, she was also an intern to the local radio. That part, she says, was quite fun and prepared her for the next step in her career.

For a period, she wrote in a company providing content for world experts in Fintech – you know, mobile payments apps, scandalous breaches in the banking industry, mobile banking, and all that stuff.

Now she is using her writing and researching skills to bring value to the content marketing team, here at Grapefruit.