Mădălin Durnea

Front-End Developer

For Madalin, the adventure began as a child when he had contact with his first computer. Mesmerized by the multitude of possibilities it offered, he started digging out more and more of it, until part of his hobby became a profession: bringing well-designed interfaces as a front-end developer.

For almost 3 years being in this field, he had time to learn and grow his front-end knowledge, playing around with different technologies, as well as thinking about different approaches to how it’s best to start different kinds of projects. His side hobby of creating little Android apps combined with the advance of this field let him bring a new skill in his toolbelt, React Native app development, which he’s enjoying the most.

Even if the tech field brings him the most enjoyable hobby, he charges up his batteries in free time by cooking, reading, playing wind instruments, and camping at the shore of a lake. All of them with a mandatory little coffee, to cut off morning grumpiness.