Lucian Rotaru

Content Marketer

Lucian is a down to earth guy and a team player you can always count on. He likes to try new challenges in the work place and in his personal life and thinks that everything is possible if you just start working on it. Even if he’s not such an outgoing person, he likes to travel and discover new places.

His love for digital started in high school and he just kept on learning and improving his skills ever since. He has a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Journalism and a master’s degree PR and Advertising. After college Lucian worked and lived in Bucharest for 3 years but left the capital city to reconnect with Iasi and his friends from this city.

In the past he worked at local newspaper where he enjoyed writing about cool technologies and apps that make our life easier. Creating content, branding, copywriting, online marketing and event organizing are just a few of the domains that Lucian is interested in.

In his spare time, he bikes around the city, plays video games or chills watching a good tv show. Lucian is also known for his passion for photography, he enjoys capturing cool places and little things that stand out around him.