Iuliana Agafiței

Account Manager

Iuliana is an energetic listener and an outgoing introvert. Yes, these two seem somehow the opposite but this is how she is. With a professional background in education, research, product and service marketing, she decided to focus on project management and digital products.

Graduated to be an engineer for the initial need for clear and structured information to eventually discover she is so curious about us humans.

She specialized in marketing research and strategy and she continues to use her energy to continually learn new things that all connect and help her be good in her line of work. From leather crafting to design thinking, renewable energy and education, she is curios about all these and even more.

Iuliana is definitely a person who will never stop wishing for new challenges so she has plans to design a PJs brand and get involved in civic projects.

She couldn’t image her life without her cat and dog and she sees herself as a bohemian enjoying her books and European movies.

“Its more up to us to make life as we want it” … so she says.