Irina Melnic

Content Editor

Meet and “High Five” Irina aka Ira. We are pretty sure you’re going to find something in common with her as she is socially and geographically hyperactive. A 1.50 m piece of creative human, Ira has a big heart for beauty, be it music, art, nature, or beautiful people who shape this world.

You know, strong essences are kept in small bottles.

Thus, her oversized dynamism along with a perfect mix of creativity and analytics brought Ira here, at Grapefruit. She puts her shoulder to the wheel by crafting powerful messages tailored to people’s exact needs using top technologies of digital marketing. Her cheerful attitude makes it even a fun thing to do.

Fond of data and stats, she started her professional journey inside the walls of a technical university. Yet, the love and need for people made Ira devote herself to volunteering through organizing and promoting learning events. At this point it all made sense, she realized her power of using data to bring a valuable message closer to people’s understanding.

It’s where creativity and analytics blended into a digital marketing enthusiast.

Aside from professional growth, her biggest hobby is “being afraid and doing it anyway”! That’s how she fell in love with hiking, Latino dancing, crying books, meeting strangers, and making life-changing decisions. But the weirdest hobby of hers is “collecting people”. Creepy thoughts aside, she simply enjoys discovering personalities that make this world a better place and getting inspired to do big things herself.