Ion Țurcanu

UX Designer

Ion started teaching himself design after giving up on not one, but two technical universities. Despite his reluctance for the educational system, he is always eager to learn new methods and improve his skills. He also has experience working in digital agencies as a product designer.

A notorious workaholic, he likes to dedicate his time and effort to all the projects he takes part in. He’s always up for new challenges, be it for his job or personal.

He is one the most persevering and ambitious User Experience Designer you will get the chance to meet. User flows, mental models, customer journeys, usability, information architecture – these are the kind of topics you will not get bored debating with Ion.

He is a member of the Romanian Association for User Experience Design since its inception, and enjoys helping young startups with design when asked for help.

Ion has a great and gentle sense of humor. He is the kind of guy with peaceful eyes sitting quiet and relaxed next to you and when you expect less he comes up with a great joke out of his sleeves.

He spends his free time watching Premier League football, running half marathons or scratching the backs of his cats. He is quite passionate about music and will claim that his eclectic taste in music made him take different perspectives over his design work. That’s probably bollocks.