Ilinca Văleanu

Account Manager

Ilinca is very passionate about everything she does and believes that good things in life are based on a simple recipe: discipline and dedication.
Her daily mantra is “today I’ll do everything with passion!” and it works for her most of the time.

When you meet Ilinca you will see a professional that leaves her mark in everything she does. She is an empathic person who likes to do everything at its best, pays special attention to details, and always eager to learn new things.

She had a bit of a roller coaster story in her professional life working from accounting to digital press, content creation, freelance photographer, book, and magazine publisher before she launched herself in the advertising industry.

Then she knew that she is the right person in the right place: creates a synergy along with multiple departments by integrating and coordinating teams and people, turns ideas into a reality along with her team by combining creativity with technology. Being part of the Grapefruit account management team enables her to communicate with people, create strong connections, and make things happen.

In her free time (would like the day to have more than 24 hours) she takes inspiration from everything around her and likes to do creative things such as her newest passion: illustration. Her house (or creative studio, as she likes to call it) is full of crafts, handmade decorations, colors, and music.

She strongly believes that with kindness, ambition and commitment she’ll constantly become the best version of herself.