Georgiana Dragomir

Managing Director

An inspiring leader, who believes in continuous innovation, evolution and finding fresh perspectives on things. She roots for on-going performance and client and customer satisfaction.

At the beginning of 2016 Georgiana became Managing Director in Grapefruit. This change came after 9 years of wonderful results delivered to the team and the company. The shift also brought a greater, integrated team, along with new and strategic clients.

Her strategy and dedication to her work is reflected in the company’s continuous growth and the team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

She has a degree from the Faculty of Economy, the Management section, but she keeps an open mind to learning new things.

For instance, in Summer 2016, Georgiana graduated from the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, which she described as “an intense, unique and life changing experience”. She was accepted as a participant from a group of over 800 candidates from all over the world and worked in a multi-national, intercultural team. Moreover, after the Bootcamp participation, she is now part of the interviewing team who select attendees for the next MIT Bootcamp editions.

As a different side of her, Georgiana is a passionate mother of two boys and wife to an entrepreneur husband. She likes taking filed trips with her family and never shies away from a bike ride. She keeps a great balance between work and her family, while bringing an upbeat attitude in everything she does.

What makes Georgiana thrive is finding and overcoming new challenges every time. You can tell by just one look that she instills the same drive to her team and inspires them to continuously improve themselves.