Gabriela Cucoș

Office Manager

English humor is her favorite and yet, Gabriela is a kind and warm person, able to find solutions always with a smile on her face. The Office Assistant grapefruitter loves it when things are perfectly in their order and believes that chaos may deliver ingenious solutions, but being organized is a bliss.

After graduating the Faculty of Economic and Business Administration in Iasi, she dreamed of being a loyal teacher, enjoying student’s sparkling eyes and opening the clear sky for them.

Crossroads seemed to be crowded with decisions and Gabriela ended up facing amazing challenges in the private sector. Trusting that diversity makes life dazzling, Gabriela lived a couple of months in London. Afterwards, she came back to Romania and got a job in the Outdoor Advertising, working for important clients and rejoicing that her work is out there where everyone can see it. She moved on, accepting a new chapter behind the scene, joining the enthusiastic team of Ateneul din Iasi. There, she got the opportunity to write about stories brought to life by bright directors and gifted actors and share all the sparks with the wonderful audience.

However, when she descovered the Pink power of Grapefruit, she knew she wanted to be a part of this great team and family.

Gabriela is also proud to be the mother of a lovely daughter and enjoys every single moment of her family life. Music, documentaries, reading and walks are her passions, but she also keeps close to her friends, having a galore journey.

To learn as long as you can keep an eye on every sunrise seems to be her forte. Gabriela always dares to make strides. And when the results are above expectations, she knows the key found the door to match.