Florin Peslar

Front-End Developer

Florin is extremely passionate about Web Development, a self-taught person, with a ‘Can Do’ attitude, hardworker, focused on increasing his knowledge and learning new technologies. A team player you can always count on, he never steps away from helping a colleague or sharing his knowledge. His motto in life is: “Everything is possible as long as you work on it”.

He graduated from the Faculty of Geography where he worked in ArcGIS 9.3, a geographic information system that it is used for creating and using maps, managing geographic information in a database, analyzing mapped information or compiling geographic data. Being a very ambitious person, he applied for an ERASMUS scholarship at the Humbold University of Berlin to specialize in ArcGIS. But once he returned home, he realized that he can’t perform in this field because there is no demand for it.

However Florin had another card to play. Since he grew up with an 286 IBM and used to learn Turbo Pascal, FoxPro or HTML from technical books, he decided to start over and focus on web development. The decision was hard to make and required a lot of painful work hours but, driven by his new found passion, his addiction for web development started growing ever more.

Florin admits he is in love with the mountains and ejnoys hicking for days in a row and sleeping in a tent. He sais that nothing compares with the feeling of waking up in the morning trying to make a tea/coffe on a primus and enjoying the rising sun. In the past, he used to read adventures books like Winnetou, but now all that Florin reads are technical books.

In his spare time he enjoys playing the guitar or listening to his favourites bands such as Iron Maiden, Godsmack or Pantera.