Elizabeta Vîrlan

Content Marketer

She is a cheerful person, who is always seeking to find new, innovative, creative ways to solve everyday issues. She finds inspiration in the great people around her and takes pleasure in the small every-day victories.

She is a Content Marketer at Grapefruit, with a keen ear for user experience flows.

She believes that “curiosity never killed anything” and takes it to heart in all aspects of her life, both professionally and personally. That’s why she is always eager to research new tools, test out work procedures, or attend conferences.

She is also interested in learning and improving adjacent skills like coding and design. So, given a spare moment, between projects, you will find her watching a course or reading books.

She loves working in a team, which is why she finds Grapefruit to be such an amazing team and job environment. As far as communication goes, she firmly believes that any message can be relayed to the intended person as long as you find the proper channel.

She likes to add a bit of enthusiasm to all the activities she does. It certainly relieves stress, motivates her team, impresses the project managers and makes clients happy.

Eli has almost three years’ experience content editing, content strategy and copywriting. In her spare time, she is passionate about photography, tailoring, and making “that’s what she said” jokes. She likes dancing to rap music, traveling and finding out people’s stories. Between visiting a museum and talking to a food specialist in an ad-hoc market, she will certainly choose the latter.

Love is chocolate and hate is being called “The Queen”.