Eduard Ionuț Macovei


Always happy to learn and meet new people, Eduard is a person who always tries to help anyone in need. Passionate about history, writing, and philosophy, he loves to meet people who share his passions and likes to talk A LOT about them.

Even from a very young age, he was buzzing every time he had the chance to read a book and write down stories of any kind, but his biggest ‘’love’’ of his life was History. He believes history to be ‘’the mother of all sciences’’ and he loves to learn about ancient, cloudy times, and how the human race behaved centuries ago from the historical and social points of view.

With all this passion for History ”burning” inside him, it is only natural that his life path should take a stop at the ‘’Alexandru Ioan Cuza’’ University, where he studied, you guessed right, History for five years. After that, he chooses to fulfill a dream he had since childhood – to work in a bookstore.

After six beautiful years there, he chooses to make a bold move and stepped out from his comfort zone as he switched from books and writing to software administration. It was a beautiful experience for him to learn new kinds of stuff from fields who never experienced before.

Nonetheless, the ‘’writing’’ was calling him back, like a beautiful dream or song. Furthermore, he can’t fight that and he chooses to return to one of his biggest passions. He built a content writing agency called ‘’House of Text’’ from the ground via one of the European Union’s startup programs for young entrepreneurs. There he tried to learn every day how to improve his writing skills and how to provide value for the clients who needed his services.

As for hobbies, he likes to ride his bike, take long walks on foot and play football with his friends. Also, he likes to travel and discover new places, as well to attend historical reenactments events all around Romania as he is “dangerously” in love with Roman Empire history. He loves reading and, especially, writing, as he is an amateur novelist who likes to write down historically/fantasy based short stories in a George R.R.Martin or J.R.R. Tolkien’s kind of way.