Dana Iordache

Social Media Specialist

She is a very talkative and energetic person, who finds it very hard to stay put. She’s a sweet-tooth and loves to laugh a lot. A thing that few people know about her is that she used to collect old coins, thus has a passion for history. The only thing she would never say “No” to is a trip to another city abroad.

Dana is a Social Media Specialist at Grapefruit. Although she studied computer science in highschool, Dana always had a inclination towards liberal arts. That’s why she graduated the Faculty of Letters, Communication and Public Relations department. She thinks the first step to becoming a better version of yourself in this domain is learning to write in a very natural way, as if you are talking directly to the public you address to.

She started as a Conter Writer at a radio station, that’s why she likes to play with words and come up with creative ways to express her ideas. Some time later she was introduced to Social Media. She thinks that people have to see “a friend” in every brand and Social Media is the best way to achieve that by staying close to your public, listen to what it has to say and constantly adapt to it’s needs. New challenges keep her motivated. Also, working under pressure helps her become more creative.

Dana has a passion for history and used to collect old coins. Always finds herself something to do, whether it’s reading, drawing, watching a documentary, riding a bike, going to the gym or taking photos. She’s a cheerful person and likes to laugh a lot. Fascinated by other cultures, she really enjoys traveling to other countries and learn about their history, traditions, habits or gastronomy.