Cosmin Ispas

UI/Graphic Designer

Cosmin is always active, trying and testing new things at his job but also in his personal life.

Always hungry for challenges, knowledge, and adventures, he wants to test his capabilities and evolve in every aspect of life. He is passionate about engineering, 3D printing, entrepreneurship, design and maybe one day we’ll hear about his projects. But his “beautiful obession” (as he calls it) is doing sports.

His passion for design emerged from different sources: engineering, games, digital interfaces, sports industry, so he tries to divide his time into all of those fields. At work you will find him editing graphic assets, creating animations or designing some wireframes. Of course, none of that would be possible without having fun, so you’ll hear him crack a joke from time to time.

He knows himself being a “designer” since he was 4 years old. Back then, he would design and create toys like: cars, bazookas, crossbows, rockets and airplanes. He always felt the need to create something brand new, so this creative hunger carried him then and it continues to carry him today. After he graduated from Politehnica University of Bucharest, with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design, his passion led him to the path of UI/UX Design. Now he feels closer than ever to his true destiny that awaits to be unfold furthermore.

His core belief that influences his entire personality is that everything can be achieved through hard work and determination. That’s why he is active all the time, because the meaning of life for him is to achieve, to explore and to evolve.