Claudiu Burdun

Front-End Developer

Claudiu is a guy who’s always focused on learning new things and evolving in his professional activity. He’s passionate of what he does, and never steps back when it comes to new challenges. First, because he’s competitive, but at the same time he likes sharing knowledge with others, especially with his coworkers.


Claudiu studies at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering and this is his last year. He discovered his passion for Web Development as a student when he started to practice his skills with some little web pages. At Grapefruit, he started with an internship where he learned how to build different pages using HTML, CSS, JS and other frameworks like React, and now he plays a double role in the team. He’s planning to expand his knowledge by learning new JavaScript features and technologies.

Beside his professional activity, he always wants to be in shape, so he goes to the gym almost every day and plays football one time per week with his friends. He also likes to travel and spend time with friends and family.