Bogdan Rusu

QA Tester

Bogdan is a meticulous and professional QA tester with an extensive career in testing software and identifying areas in need of improvement. With 4 years of experience working in quality assurance developing the skills necessary to find and learn about bugs and other errors so the programmers are able to fix them. Familiar with reading reviews and complaints from customers in order to completely sweep a piece of software and find every bug. Prioritizes analytical skills to perform duties as thoroughly and successfully as possible


Bogdan is an engineer. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Energy and Applied Informatics in Iasi. He is passionate about new technologies and he enjoys learning new stuff every day. The first time when he got in touch with a bug was during a programming course. That was when he understood the importance of a QA tester/engineer in the app developing process. Two years later he started his first job as QA tester/engineer and since then he has been involved in many various projects.

Regarding hobbies, Bogdan is passionate about photography. In high school, he worked as an event photographer. In the future, he wants to rediscover his old passion.