Andrei Onofrei

Digital Project Manager

Up ’till now, two main opposite passions left the mark on his personal development and achievements: maths and theater. Andrei took the exactness and trustworthiness from the first and the creativity and self-control from the second. He quit the scene for a Digital Project Manager career, which fits him like a glove.

For the past 3 years he has been supervising mobile apps development, helping 30 apps to be launched, including mobile games. He is an artisan of continuous improvement, aiming perfection and adding value to whatever cause he gets involved.

He graduated both the Theater Specialization at the Faculty of Arts, and Banks and Finances at the Faculty of Economics. Although he enjoys working for clients in the banking sector, his curiosity recommending him for the industry, Arts and Theater have a closer place to his heart.

He loves Russian cuisine and makes some delicious unconventional dishes.

He truly believes in a better world and doesn’t miss a chance to bring his support in projects with a social impact. He enjoys getting into children’s mindset and play like a 5 year old. As serious and imposing his presence is, as crazy and childish he can get when the “let’s have fun” mood kicks in.

As careful and vigilant he is with us at work, as much he is a lover at home; he moved together with his wife 48 hours after they first met.