Andrei Bălănică

Web/Graphic Designer

Since he was little, LEGOs gave him a creative perspective on constructing ideas with a rational thinking and creativity. His passion for art started ever since kindergarten and has never stopped. Over the years, he explored different forms of art until he discovered Photoshop, which changed his path in life. Ever since he only seeks to learn more and more, widening his horizon on everything digital that allows him to release his creativity. Although he may seem reserved at the beginning, it’s only because his mad energy must take a break sometimes.

Being part of the design team at Grapefruit has turned Andrei into a full-time graphic designer, fulfilling his dream.

His story begins all the way from kindergarden, when his classmates did not appreciate his artworks and gave him the motivation to draw more and better. School and highschool encourged this path, which resulted in him attending the Graphic and Publicity profile from the School of Arts and Design, followed by a degree on Graphic Design in Spain. Over the years, his activity has been awarded, certifing his experience and abilities.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”, is the motto that Andrei follows every day. He’s a multidisciplinary designer, passionate about using his design knowledge for everything from branding to typography, animation and art direction, UI & UX, always focusing on the details that make things functional.
He finds his motivation in his surroundings, either the raw beauty of nature or the pixel perfect compositions. Most of the times you will find Andrei behind a screen, if not working, then most definitely playing Dota 2.
In his spare time he likes to read design articles, find creative solutions for every day challenges or watch funny cat videos.