Andreea Sauciuc

Content Marketer

Andreea is the content gal. Loves a good story packed with emotions, enjoys reading mystery books and going on adventures. She’s always searching for new ideas that spark her creativity but has a keen eye on everything that’s analytical and has a practical meaning.

Andreea graduated the Faculty of Economics with a major in Marketing. Felt in love with the industry and did an MBA in Marketing, too. Understanding human and consumer behavior was always an interesting domain for her and she managed to explore this in college.

Content was never a dream or even though of starting a writing career but she always loved expressing herself in writing. We can say the job chose her and not the other way around. A hobby that became a career choice. Moreover, she likes handwriting, typography and she desires to develop this skill more.

She became a writer for a travel agency, and then things turned this way. Then she discovered the SEO world and built a solid background in SEO as a content writer for an SEO company and got in touch with lots of experts in the field.

Then she decided to fulfill a long-forgotten dream – to work in a digital agency. Now she’s a content marketer at Grapefruit. With more than 7 years experience in digital marketing, she’s eager to create relevant content and find new opportunities for the clients based on her digital skills.

In her spare time, you can find her watching Friends (for the 10th time…), sewing anything she can find, or roller skating. She never refuses a mystery book or an outdoor activity, she likes getting lost in a new story and finish a book in a few hours or taking a trip and discover an entire city in a few days.