Andreea Nechifor

Content Marketing Manager

Andreea understood her relationship with letters early on, at kindergarten, where envy struck her concerning a colleague that already knew how to write.

Throughout the years, this passion was fueled by poetry contests, olympics attendances and literature circles. On her path to becoming a “grown up”, she stopped to graduate the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences and getting a Master’s Degree in Techniques of editing production in written press, TV and multimedia at the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi.

The digitization started years later when she discovered the new content paradigm and she became aware of the changes. She took it as a challenge.

She said “yes” and the result was her first start-up, an online store for the home-deco niche. Knowledge helps her seeing the big picture and fall in love with content strategy, Information Architecture, inbound marketing and SEO. Now she is a hybrid between a scientist with a crush on spreadsheets and a creative who dreams with open eyes.

Andreea spends her free time as a bohemian, listening Nina Simone and Beatles to vinyl, cycling and reading magic realism genre, painting and crafting.

In 2017 she co-wrote a book and with that achievement, she checked another item on her “dreams” list.