Ancuța Ciocoiu

Content Marketer

Ancuta is a free spirit who’s walking on clouds. She always carries a book in her bag, just in case, and a diary, because there are so many things worth writing about and remember years later. You never know when inspiration strikes.

As a child, Ancuta dreamt of having her own spaceship to travel through the whole Universe. Then she discovered that, through books and writing, she can travel to any corner of the world in just a second. That’s how her wish of becoming a Romanian language teacher got wings.

While in high school, this changed and Ancuta wished to become a journalist. And because she trusted that writing can help her make a change, she came to Iasi where she got a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a Master’s degree in PR and Advertising.

In her 5 years of voluntary work, Ancuta learned a whole bunch of things. She wrote at Opinia Studențească and was part of Serile Filmului Românesc film festival as a PR specialist, recomposing the SFR hymn for a couple of years in a row. Ancuta writes poetry and also has a blog where she publishes them while dreaming that, one day, she will write and publish a love novel.

Opposite to her introverted nature, when the tank of courage is filled, she will talk to anyone who comes in her way. She loves to laugh and to be around people who make her laugh.

She can’t just stay and do nothing, that’s why Ancuta has a lot of hobbies like knitting, playing the guitar, ukulele, or piano, biking, playing board games, reading, or just being silly with her dog.

Her favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo and she’s in love with the `20s. She would’ve loved to live in Paris at that time, and maybe meet Hemingway in a café.