Anca-Nicoleta Teletin

Chief Operations Officer

Anca is a very caring person and once you have met her you can tell she has a strong maternal instinct. She is always looking after the well being of the team and making sure that everyone is happy in Grapefruit every day. You can find Anca smiling very often. Her optimistic character can almost immediately invite you to start telling her about your problem, knowing that she will do everything in her power to help you. As part of the management team, she likes to have a clear overview on the team, the office and the financials.

She is the Chief Operations Officer that every company would like to have, as she is in charge of our Organizational Culture, Human Resources, Recruitment Process, Financial Management, Objective Key Results, Career Planning and all Legal Activities. Anca is also coordinating all departments at Grapefruit, making sure we are working harmoniously, without communication blocks and handles professionally any conflicts that might appear.

Anca is the first person that you come in contact with if you want to join Grapefruit and she is also the one that assists you throughout your induction process.

She is great at reading people and determining your potential within the company. One of her focuses is the team happiness because she is the liaison between management and the team.

She also participates in the annual assessment of every one of her colleagues and is in charge of their individual evaluation.

Her job includes creating a positive culture where great results can be achieved; once the work environment has been set the next step is to set goals and objectives using the Objective-Key-Results model for all the departments.

To help the team get through their tasks easier, she has created a personalized career plan alongside every team leader, showing them step by step the means to increase their seniority level.

She also contributes with the management team in studying business forecasts, sales reports and financial statements to optimize results and she plays a key role in budgeting, controlling costs and keeping the organization on track financially.

Anca has graduated the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration from Iasi, with the specialization of Banks and Finances, and afterwards attended a Masters in European Economic Financial Management at the “Petre Andrei” University in Iasi.

Anca loves speeding time with her family and she is always interested in finding new games to play with her husband and her son. Her secret hobby has recently come to life and she started taking drum classes and even playing her first song (in the classroom, not in public).