Alina Ioana Petrea

Digital Strategist

With a background in graphic design and over four years of project management, Alina decided to add yet another skill to her portfolio and now she’s a Digital Strategist. Triple personality much? Sure, but this combination of interests has helped her, in time, understand both the planning process and the creative one equally.

Analytical by nature, Alina dedicated much of her time to research and recently finalized her Postgraduate Studies. She is now a Doctor of Arts with a thesis on atypical sensory experiences in advertising and is currently working on a book on the same topic.

Giving back to the community is an important aspect and Alina’s done that best by managing one of the Ladies, Wine & a bit of Design communities in Romania. Here, she co-hosts informal gatherings and manages collaborative projects between creative and entrepreneurial women in the city of Iași.

On the personal level, she values truth and responsibility more than anything, puts much effort into understanding rather than judging the world around her and functions a lot on discipline.

Alina is a certified Yoga teacher, loves travelling, and she’s already had the experience of living abroad for a short time in four other countries, both in Europe and in Asia.