Alina Ioana Petrea

Digital Project Manager

Alina describes herself as a multi-passionate person and sometimes, this leads to a path with little time to relax and many things to do just because “it is all so interesting”. She believes that at any present moment we have to be the best version of ourselves, whether we are talking about our human or professional qualities (but let’s be human first, right?) and follow our heart & instinct in anything we do.

Digital Project Management is Alina’s daily battlefield at Grapefruit. She is dedicated to her projects, believes that “inspiration has to find you working” and invests as much time as she can in learning and constantly growing.

In her daily activities she interacts very much with various clients, providers and makes sure that all the projects go on smoothly, in budget and on time.

Even though she graduated from the University of Arts and is a designer by degree, the interest in project management was a sudden discovery and happened while she was working as a junior art director in an advertising agency.

With a background in design & management you might say that she has a “double personality”, but this combination has helped her a lot so far, allowing her to understand both the planning process and the creative one equally.

For this reason, if she sees an opportunity to participate at a debriefing meeting or a brainstorming session, she will be there even though this might mean a couple of extra working hours at the end of the day.

Giving back to the community is an important detail, and she did that best by co-founding a design NGO, coordinating masterclasses and hosting gatherings between creative and entrepreneurial women.

At the present she’s a PhD student and works on a very interesting thesis (no spoilers!). She has had two tandem skydive jumps and would do a third one anytime (even though flying in an airplane isn’t her cup of tea), loves traveling and has already had short residence in three other countries.