Alina Cernat

Account Executive

Alina is a serious and funny, calculated and spontaneous person, true to herself and her strong values and beliefs. For her, it’s crucial to be around people. Alina believes that we learn from any person and experience, good or bad until we die. Alina is looking forward to meeting new people and is always willing to share her knowledge and experience with others.

Have you ever had the impression that you have been knowing people for a lifetime, even if you just met? That was what happened to Alina when she joined the Grapefruit team.

Alina has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the Faculty of Economy. She worked in the banking sector for almost 8 years, another 4 in telecom service delivery, then she decided to step out of her comfort zone straight into the Project Management world. In her opinion, the best business card one can have is through having a professional attitude towards everyone, by showing honesty and respect for others, and by being flexible and adaptive to everyone’s needs.

There’s no surprise that she has the same approach with everything that surrounds her, especially at home with her beloved husband, pre-teenage daughter, dynamic son and cutest cat. Alina loves writing poems, funny ones, so just give her some time to get to know you, provide your favorite words, and prepare to be amazed by the final result.

If the outcome won’t be what you expected she will win your heart for sure with her special homemade chocolate, I mean who can resist that?