Alexandru Topală


Some people might say that Alex lives on the internet. Those people might also be Alex, but he denies it fully. Always with his headphones on, Alexandru will always send you links to whatever songs he obsesses about lately or to the newest memes that storm the web. The wizard that guides you through the Internet? That might be Alexandru as well. He denies that as well.

Alex has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature with a thesis in Edward Albee’s Post World War II American Drama, which basically means he likes to read weird stuff (e.g. ‘The Goat’ by Edward Albee). Besides reading, he loves painting, traveling abroad, and retreating to cozy places with his friends and experiencing the Hygge lifestyle.

Fresh out of college, Alex began working at a communication company, where he started experiencing the digital world. Content writing, managing an e-commerce platform for digital books, creating online advertising campaigns for clients and overlooking several Analytics accounts were some of his daily tasks for almost 2 years. After that, he worked for 3 years in a corporate environment, but he never found the right place to really give his 110%. Until one day, when he found out that the Grapefruit team was looking for someone who wanted to grow alongside great people and amazing projects. Of course he said yes!

You might sometimes find Alex peeling stickers from various surfaces around the city, but that is only because he loves collecting them. If you see Alex in his natural habitat, reach him and say “Hi!”. He might be shy at first, but he’ll enjoy your company.