Alexandru Burlui

Digital Marketing Specialist

Alex is a young Digital Marketer specialized in Social Media. Versatile and ambitious, patient and meticulous, Alex is a quick learner with an honest work ethic, always trying to over-deliver. Confident he can skill in pretty much anything, he will try and solve any problem at hand.

Right now, Alex nails it at increasing sales with the help of organic marketing based on data analysis and efficient strategies.

Prior to this, he made a huge leap of faith, put his Dentistry career on hold, and started learning about digital marketing. 6 months later, he got a certificate from Columbia Business School and Google, while also managing a small social media marketing agency.

Inspired by his parents, Alex is in love with fine arts and has a passion for design and music. He is a free-spirited person who loves being independent. Alex is a quite competitive person in any field, mostly in gaming and soccer, so you better watch out!

Yet, what describes him best is that he is human.