Alexandra Apreutesei

HR Assistant

Alexandra is an empathetic person, attentive to the well-being of the peers around her. Passionate about people and her interactions with them, she likes to listen and help them find resources for themselves, so they can overcome the difficulties encountered. Highly optimistic, she firmly believes that the beauty of life comes from the way you look at it, and she encourages everyone around her to see life this way. Once you get to know Alexandra, you’ll be delighted by her playful spirit and her way of being fully committed to anything she does!


Alexandra is a psychologist, with a Master’s Degree in Assessment, training, and psychological counseling of staff, obtained from the Faculty of Psychology and Science of Education, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi. Within Grapefruit, she is in charge of recruitment, team happiness, and engagement, co-workers performance assessments and she talks to them whenever they feel the need to do it. She is passionate about improving employee-to-employee relationships in the workplace and their performance. She is an organized person and a perfectionist at work. Dedicated and persevering, she truly loves her job, and her main goal is for her team to have a high level of work satisfaction and to recruit passionate people who share Grapefruit`s values.


Alexandra also loves traveling, long walks in nature, as well as spending time with people, and discovering them.