Alecsandru Grigoriu

Delivery Manager

Alecsandru coordinates the design team and makes sure everything is aligned: business and user side in terms of interface, interaction, emotion and experience. If you want something untangled and a solution or concept upfront, then CS is your guy.

He specializes in designing product-like experiences from the ground up using well crafted processes. One clear strong-point he has is knowing how to balance both business goals and technical constrains while keeping user needs center stage.

He occasionally teaches Human Computer Interaction laboratory classes as an assistant at the Faculty of Computer Science from Iasi (the same faculty he graduated both his Master and Bachelor studies with theses regarding data visualization and game design).

Alecsandru is a great example of how a T-shaped professional should look like. Everyone can rely on CS when asking for help.

From coordinating the design team, to delivering high-fidelity concepts, prototypes and solutions to existing and future clients, CS can embrace a challenge and transform it in an actionable and tangible result.

The projects he supervised and the design services he provides make him one of Grapefruit’s top pillars.

In his free time he listens to The Killers (like a lot, he even has the albums on vinyls and the lead singer’s autograph).

Moreover he tinkers at his personal project, UX Recipe—a design process and estimation tool available both online and on iOS. When he wants to share his thoughts, learnings or experiments he writes on his blog, Pixels dots and points of view, and for popular design magazines such as UXPin’s and InVision’s blogs or Smashing Magazine.

If you want to hang out with him or grab his attention just say “craft beer” and in the next minutes you will be cheering pints together while he instantaneously updates his Untappd account.