Adrian Butnariu

Back-End Developer

Adrian is a demanding but funny person who loves working in organized environments but, at the same time, embraces new things slowly and surely.

From his teenage years, he felt attracted to technology and during that period he participated with interest in all the game championships organized in the neighborhood he lived in. Although many directed him to an IT education, Adrian preferred to keep this as a passion. Therefore, he followed a successful career in the customs field and later he flirt with the entrepreneurial area.

During all this time he kept his interest in the IT field and around 2012 he fell in love with programming. That’s when his passion became his job. He is a proud father of two “demanding bosses” as he would say and loves cooking for his family. His kids’ verdict on their fathers’ cooking is: “You have our approval to participate in the Master Chef show!”

Adrian is motivated by the results of his work, in other words by work well done. His hobbies include bodybuilding and fishing, but his wife would add a few more on that list: aero-modeling, radio-controlled modeling, navigation, off-road trips, and gaming.