Antibiotice Redesign

Pharma website redesign for Antibiotice Romania

Back in 2005, we were the guys and gals behind Antibiotice's rebranding, distinguishing itself with a modern an fresh look. Now, after a decade since the rebranding, the companies got reunited, but this time for the 2015 website redesign.

Off We Go

Although time has passed, there was a sense of familiarity and warmness when we got all together at the table. To perfectly understand the evolution over the years, we went on a guided tour through Antibiotice‘s major facilities. We were blown away by the processes and whole ecosystem that took place inside the building. We felt like teenagers on a field trip with so much information on our hands.

Plannin the website

After we’ve got to speed with today’s Antibiotice, we started planning the website. From the start it was clear for us: this was not going to be a simple presentation website. It had to be more, it had to be a tool for potential investors, it had to present all the product line, give private access to specialists, offer forms for job applications, complaints or pointing out side effects. Not to mention all that went outside the company: from awards and certificates to summer schools and community involvement.

Flow Riders

So, piece by piece, we drew the flows for all major actions the users will do on the site, recording each step and components he/she might interact with.

This allowed us on the same time to build the website’s sitemap, leaving no stones unturned. Moreover, we optimized the sitemap levels to the minimum; we didn’t want the user to feel forced to navigate too deep into the website.

There’s no “I can’t draw”

With the flows validated, we moved to probably our favorite step in any process, and that is… sketching. We drew, we doodled, we ripped the pages like artists and then drew some more. We focused primarily on templates that match each state presented in the previous flows.

This assured us we didn’t divert from the main tracks and identify possible exceptions. Also, we didn’t invest too much time on details at this stage, leaving out content modifications/variations to be done when designing the mock-ups for each template.

Design Me Like One of Your French Websites

Moving forward we started designing the visual style for the new website. We did it at the same time we were working on the mockups. This allowed us to draw each page component and element, especially when switching from sketches to mockups.

Clients' team

As the templates were implemented one by one in the CMS, we invited the client team to insert and modify the content where it was necesarry.

One Site Fits All

Of course we didn’t forget about mobile and as we designed each template, we bundled them with guidelines and simulations for their responsive behavior. This way the web developers knew when and how the website will react to certain resolutions and what priorities were involved for certain content blocks.

Great feeling

It was a great feeling having Antibiotice back as our client and it was an even greater feeling knowing they could trust us once again, especially now, when we moved away from branding services and we focus primarily on digital & user experience.


offline to online

bringing the lenghty connection to power/gas process into a digital platform

user roadmap

clarifying the connection process by thoroughly defining each step

unitary digital experience

clarifying the connection process by thoroughly defining each step

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