Designing the CEZ Romania Digital Ecosystem

Digital User Experience Design for the Energy Industry

We partnered with CEZ to create their whole digital user experience: web portal, mobile apps, and even info-kiosk interfaces.

Working in sprints to deliver faster

Five months of work, in sprints of two weeks. We did the design, front-end development, and mobile app design, all at the same time. We planned everything carefully in a massive timeline with all the stages that we successfully implemented without delay.

From brandbook to the digital interface library

We began with four different style guides, based on the CEZ Brand Book Guidelines so that we could explore various User Interface Elements.

We created a portal with a modular dashboard, that can adapt to more or less content. It features an extensive amount of functionalities such as information about the contract, bills, tariff calculator, index, reports, the possibility to request a new offer, management of different PODs.

A suite of features for the user to achieve his objectives

We created everything with the user in mind. Inside the portal he can pay the electricity and gas bills, for him or another CEZ client, maybe one of his relatives. The user can also activate the Electronic Invoice Service, have a clear overview of his spendings, generate different reports. 

In case of emergency, he can signal a power failure and also manage his notifications for SMS, E-mail and Push notifications. To solve issues he can make different requests and see their status, change his contract information, introduce their index etc.

Non-CEZ Client interface, Admin and City Hall Platform

We didn’t stop here, and we created a custom interface for Non-CEZ Clients. Even if you do not have a signed contract with CEZ, you can enter the portal and access some of its functionalities. Also, we designed the Admin Interface, and the platform for City Halls, where it’s employees can access it and manage the heating aid requests for in-need citizens.

Touchscreen interface designed for better offline support

To better service clients, CEZ offers touch screen devices inside CEZ Regional Centers. For these devices, we created interfaces where clients could log in and find out more about their contract, pay the bills, print the receipt and scan different documents, add a request or make a complaint.


Mobile app focused on essential features

For mobile, our partner development team created one mobile app back-end. We adapted to this, and we designed a cross-platform user interface that was usable and looked good on all mobile platforms. It has the essential functionalities from the portal: index history overview, reports, bills, management of different PODs, signal a power failure, my account settings etc.

Efficient modular and custom-built Front-End elements

We developed a central boilerplate that included all design blocks and had the design style guide applied on all HTML types of elements. When we created a new page, we either used components that we previously created, or we created them and added them to the central boilerplate. This methodology turned out to be a perfect choice as we delivered over 200 different pages.

High-fidelity interactive prototype for better user experience feedback

As soon as some of the stages where approved, we began to create interactive high fidelity prototypes for all the platforms: portal, admin interface, Info-Kiosk, mobile app. In this way, all the teams involved could test the flows, the client had a clickable interface to give feedback on, and the end-users would receive a better user experience.  After we finish all our work, we offered ongoing support to CEZ for the Back-End implementation until the release and created the video presentation of the portal.


unitary design

for the web portal, admin, partner interface, mobile apps and info-kiosk

a design system

with modular UI Elements that can be adapted to new projects

design solutions

to satisfy all stakeholders involved: CEZ, Clients, Public Administration & Partners

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