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UX BUCHAREST 2015 Conference is organized entirely by volunteers from the UX Design community and is a non-profit initiative, with the only purpose of UX Education and awareness. For the first edition we got to get involved from the very beginning, refining its identity and website.

Starting with the Identity

After getting briefed about the direction and scale of the event, we quickly started doodling ideas after ideas. At first we tackled approaches that went more with the #innovation and #technology side of the conference. For example, we presented a concept where the UX word was shaped as the Command Prompt symbol. Of course it didn’t made the cut, mostly because UX Bucharest is not a developer’s conference.

Moving forward, we eventually got to the version we see today. Not that different from the previous one, but more in tone with what UX Bucharest stands for. We used the left site of the X as an arrow to inspire evolution and forward thinking, while the right side depicts a 3D perspective X (Long live negative space!).

Based on this, we worked together to prepare the templates for the materials (badges, poster, the goodie bag and so on). As the organizers (designers themselves) had many ideas in mind, we let them finalize the templates where it was needed. For example, the space/galaxy theme arrived later in the process and it was a great addition to the project from their behalf. This approach assured both parties to work better based on each other’s overlapping schedules.

The Website

The process was pretty straight-forward. We started from the existing one-page website, we analyzed and prioritized the content. Then, based on previous wire-frame ideas from the organization team, we sketched the main layouts and drew the mock-ups (with the actual content).


Having them validated one by one we switched to development. Here, we allowed our engineer colleagues to play around with AngularJS, making the content and the website load faster and dynamically. This was important, especially when dealing with frequent and obvious content changes (bios, sponsors etc). Moreover, after refining the desktop version, we focused on its responsive view. Our goal was for the website to perform and act strong on mobile devices, complementing the official apps released on Android and iOS by the mReady team.

Also, here’s a fun fact. Have you discovered the 404 page? Of course we had to have some fun a long the way, so we included a tiny illustration inspired by Jacques Carelman’s Catalogue d’Objets Introuvables following the Star Wars-y text This is not the experience you were looking for (We can’t wait for the new film!).

Conference Day

We went to the Conference Day and we must admit, the production value was spot on. All assets were connected seamless, from the print materials to the video and sound.

The speaker lineup was impressive and all of them, one by on one, completed the whole event experience.  From Ingrid C. Lindberg‘s real life Customer Experience examples to the excellent product design/prototyping process highlighted by Adobe’s Geoff Dowd and closing it with Josh Clark‘s Magical UX. And that’s not it.


These are only three out of all nine speakers that rocked the stage: Karl Fast presented us how to design for understandingJeroen Van Geel about product personalitiesSteve Fisher about UX ConfictLinked Data with Mike AthertonIntegrated CX Design with Erik Roscam Abbing and UX Superheroes with Damjan Obal. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get to the workshops, but from what we’ve heard, the speakers unleashed their true knowledge sharing powers (imagine redesigning the conference experience or rethinking the parking payment system).


For us, we consider the first edition a true success  Therefore, we would like to congratulate the organizers for their supreme effort and commitment, for putting Bucharest and especially Romania on the UX map. Kudos to Calin, Catalin, Dianina and all the gang! Hope you guys are back to your regular (at least) eight hour sleep.

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