Dacia E-commerce

An online platform for a complete buying experience

As long-term partners with Dacia Renault, we were more than happy to build a digital bridge between the automotive company and their customers. The platform was a real challenge, due to the short time we had to work with, but we managed to deliver and surpass expectations.

Migrating product research from offline to online

We created an automatic system „Car Ingestion Engine” that generates over 100+ personalized specifications and pictures for each so the user has all the details needed to make a purchase. 

Real car model & color renders

We provided real renders for each model, personalizing the car with the customers’ color of choice. We had to go through all product files from Dacia, we organized all the data so that, with only a few clicks, the whole product list would be populated with the right details and images. 

What you choose is what you get

We reinforced the customer’s trust in the online buying experience by providing the Vehicle Identification Number, real car specifications and fast delivery. 

Wheels start turning when you make your choice

When the consumer chooses a car, they can reserve it online by depositing a fee. Their preferred dealer is notified, the papers are prepared, client comes in, signs the documents, pays the rest of the sum and receives a car that is already on stock. 

Agile project

We launched this project after 2 months of work, including strategy, design and development. We split everything in 4 sprints, with a 10 man team. It was a mad dash to release a viable product in order to test the assumption that cars can be sold online at a scale.


200 cars

were reserved and sold in the first month.

first car producer

that launched this type of services in Romania and one of the first ones in Europe

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