QA Tester

We are on a quest for our next QA Tester at Grapefruit. QA is a proactive individual and plays an important role in each phase of SDLC. Quality Control finds the defects in the product, the process set by QA is followed by QC.

Projects and Clients

We take on dynamic and diverse challenges, ranging from 3-12 months. We work using Agile and Kanban Methodologies, but we are not afraid to experiment.

We tackle large, challenging projects from Fortune 100 companies that are looking to improve the value they deliver to their clients, customers, and employees.

We work with big clients such as: Dacia, Renault, Nissan, BCR, Philip Morris, E.ON, Nestlé, Alpha Bank, and more.

Professional and Personal Growth

We continuously invest in the professional growth of our team. Our wish is that each team member gets visibility when it comes to their expertise and constantly grows. We encourage people to take courses and we pay for them if they are useful for present or future projects.

Leadership Opportunities & Domain Experts

The majority of our team leaders come from within the organization. We encourage colleagues to develop their leadership potential. To do this we have shadowing programs for people that want to learn how to become a team leader. We encourage people to learn so they become domain experts on the technologies they like. This way they become the go to person when it comes to that specific technology and can practice leadership skills.

Remote work, Flexible schedule & we don’t encourage overtime

You can work remotely, or from the office (because of Covid, at the moment we all work remotely). We usually work from 9:00 to 18:00 with one hour of break. If you need, you can take time off during the day and either catch-up later or take it from your vacation days. If you need a different schedule we can also accommodate this. Just mention it at the interview and we will find a solution that suits everyone.

We don’t like overtime and we don’t encourage it. If the needs appear though, you are always asked if you want to do it and it is always paid. If you don’t want to do overtime, there are no hard feelings. 

Company and team size

We have two offices in Iasi & Bucharest but we accept remote people from everywhere in Romania. At this moment we are 50+ people in the company, with a development team of 10+ colleagues, split in Front-End, Back-End, and QA.

We have cross-specialty teams. This means you will work together with project managers, designers, marketing specialists & other developers. The team sizes range from 3 to 9 colleagues. 



We believe in fairness so all our salaries are set to seniority levels. We check seniority levels twice a year. You get support from your team leader to advance to the next seniority levels. If you advance to the next seniority level, you automatically get a raise.

If you have the same seniority level as a colleague, you both have the same salary, so there are no hard feelings. We also research and participate in salary studies to remain competitive in the market. 

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