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World IA Day 2014, Bucharest

Let's talk about information architecture and digital content on February 15, 2014

Grapefruit is proudly bringing again World IA Day 2014 in Romania. The event will take place on February 15, 2014, in Bucharest. The main theme of 2014 WIAD in Bucharest refers to how information architecture can positively influence the quality of the users interactions with smart, intuitive interfaces and interactions.

We shall listen real business life stories about how information architecture, UX improvements and a well-defined content strategy put together can generate better business results whether this translates into sales, different types of online transactions and activities or increased customer satisfaction. One very special topic tackled will be the multi-context era and what that means for digital products.

WIAD 2014

WIAD 2014 Bucharest Agenda

This year some of our friends and industry colleagues agreed to share with us their experiences related to IA, UX and content creation. All of them have really fascinating stories to tell.

  • Lucian Georgescu (Managing Partner, GAV)
    B2C=Back to content.A subjective insight about the death and rebirth of the content as lived by old storyteller still active in the Romania advertising industry … And a great bonus! The synopsis of a book never written, but always told “Memories of a future advertising guy”!
  • Corina Săftescu (Director Editorial, CTRL-D)
    Niche content. Looking back and into the future. What it takes to generate and promote content for niche markets. A case study of content strategy for Ctrl-D, the design, development and communication magazine. Challenges, issues and solutions.
  • Lucia Ciucă (Marketing Director, Emag.ro) & Cornel Baloneanu (Product Manager, PayU)
    Online payments. Business. Users. Results. Optimizing you payment page can significantly change the architecture of the online payment system and optimizes business processes of the e-shop. The case study developed with Emag.ro shows the implementation of a new payment page having as a starting point the needs of the users. It also covers topics such as choosing the appropriate solutions, the final results and business impact, as well as client satisfaction.
  • Gabriel Pătru (IAB Expert & Brand Experience Enthusiast)
    The Star Wars Saga Continues: The IA Jedi. Creative strategy, context strategy, brand strategy UX&IA strategy. A story about complex “frameworks”, clear perspectives and how to grow brand-consumer relationships. To see how this relates to Star Wars, just watch the story of a new Jedi generation at WIAD 2014.
  • Adrian Iacomi (UX Designer & Partner, Cactus Ideas)
    Bad/No IA. Good IA. A rough guide to Information Architecture (IA).There are so many beautifully made websites. Still, not once we find ourselves lost in navigation. Or just in the local retail store desperately searching for the kitchen cleaning section. As we find the hard way, attractive design can’t compensate information architecture faults. With a hand-on case study from the Romanian market we are going to look for the apparently small elements that make the difference, and by doing so we are going to see how to showcase good IA practices.
  • Alecsandru Grigoriu (UX Designer, Grapefruit) & Marius Ursache (Chief Design Officer, Grapefruit)
    Everyday IA. A case study of a surprise project crafted by our team at Grapefruit. It is about UX, good IA, relevant content and much more.

Rock live music with Four Quarters

Four great musicians and tech guys will do their best to entertain us. It would be nice if you can sing along with them!

  • Mihai Niculae – QA Tester for web and mobile applications and passionate singer.
  • Eugen Serbanescu – Frontend Developer by job, musician by hobby, and part-time guitar player.
  • Vlad Petrescu (bass) – Release and Localization Engineer. Efficient in transforming caffeine into deliverables.
  • Stefan Ioan (drums) – Cloud DevOps Engineer. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a little bit of everything.

Participation & Location

The 140 participants will get together and enjoy an almost entire day of great stories at Tete-A-Tete Café, Herăstrău Park, close to the Japanese Garden. The event starts at 12PM. Registrations start at 11AM, so we can have time to socialize and enjoy a good coffee.

WIAD 2014 is an invitation based only event. If you would like to join us, please send an email at office@grapefruit.ro giving us a good reason for you interest in participating at the event. For sure you’ll get an answer in shortest time possible.

Engagement rewards

If you were part of WIAD 2012 and 2013, you know we love to talk! So, for those of you who will engage in our conversations, we have some really nice and useful goodies.

  • A complete Rosenfeld Media library; 20 great books;
  • 10 free user tests from UserTesting.com;
  • 1 Axure Pro license;
  • 60-day access for all World IA Day attendees to All You Can Learn library offered by User Interface Engineering;
  • Free Evernote Premium Subscriptions (available for 3 months) for the attendees;
  • 3 free Interaction Design Foundation memberships and 60% discount for attendees. The IDF is a transformative non-profit enterprise focused on educating, informing and stimulating the global design community while offering free access to original education materials.

UX Pin has been a sponsor of World IA Day for the past two years, and has agreed to sponsor again this year! They make a great wireframing tool that you can find at uxpin.com. They will be providing:

  • 1 one-year license to each city for a giveaway
  • 2-month trial to all attendees
  • 50% discount code for all speakers

Global Sponsors


  • Rosenfeld
  • Axure
  • User Testing
  • UX Pin
  • UIE


  • Goldman Sachs

Local Sponsors & Supporters

We also appreciate the support of the following official WIAD 2014 bloggers. They help us spreading the word about disciplines such as information architecture (IA), UX and content strategy:

About World IA Day

World IA Day is about bringing the information architecture community together. We’re fostering links within the local communities and on a global scale. We’re sharing information, ideas, and research. And we’re doing it through unconventional, exciting, and engaging IA events across the world.

2014 World IA Day will take place in 24 cities, 14 countries, 6 continents. This 3rd annual World IA Day is not-for-profit. It’s run entirely by volunteers and funded largely by gracious sponsors.

The Information Architecture Institute is a global organization that supports those specializing in the design and construction of shared information environments. The IAI is responsible for World IA Day.

If you like our work and have an interesting digital project send us a message and let’s get in touch.

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